Multiple promotions applied to a single order
Discount Ninja allows you to define and combine multiple promotions which can be applied to a single cart.
This allows you to offer different percentage discounts for different items in the cart. It also allows you to combine a percentage discount (20% off) with a free shipping discount. 

Example: 20% off and free shipping

As you can see in the image below, 20% off discount and free shipping promotion are combined in the same order. This happens when the customer is fully eligible to get it.

Example: 50% off apples, 20% off pears and free shipping

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I combine Discount Ninja promotions with discount codes from other apps?

No. You cannot combine discount codes created by Discount Ninja with those created by other apps. At the moment, we do not allow combining Discount Ninja discount codes with those manually input by your customers. 

  • Can Discount Ninja's discount codes be combined with discount codes manually entered by the customer?

No. A discount code entered by the customer at checkout will override the one provided by Discount Ninja.

  • Can Discount Ninja's discount codes be combined with Shopify's automatic discounts?

No. An automatic discount configured in Shopify will override Discount Ninja.

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