Discount Ninja allows you to set up both public and private promotions (read more about that here).

Shareable discount links are available for private promotions.

Here's how you create one:

  • Create a new promotion of type "Private discount"
  • Fill in the details of the promotion using the wizard
  • Configure your pop-up, notification, sticky bar if required using the wizard
  • On the confirmation screen click "Edit promotion"
  • Find the "Shareable link builder" tab, if it isn't visible, make sure you've created a private promotion.¬†

To switch between private and public mode (more about the diffrerence here) go to the "Triggers" tab (when creating or editing a promotion) and switch the option shown below on for private or off for public:

  • Go to the "Shareable link builder" tab to configure the landing page you want to send traffic to. If you don't see this tab, check¬†
  • Optionally create a "vanity URL" (e.g.
  • The "vanity URL" will send customers to the same shareable link
  • Optionally add UTM parameters to the link
  • Copy the link and share it via email or social media!

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