After uninstalling: clean up

If you have uninstalled the app without uninstalling the assets first, it's best to follow this procedure. If, at the moment of uninstalling, you did not have any live promotions then this procedure is not mandatory. 

Take these steps to remove Discount Ninja's assets from your theme:

  • Open your theme.liquid file
  • Find the line that includes the "limoniapps-discountninja-header" and remove that line

Why is this necessary? Taking these steps will ensure that visitors of your shop who have an open browser session would still be able to access your promotions (because they are stored in their browser's cache).

Optional further clean up

You can, optionally, uninstall the other assets installed by Discount Ninja. These assets are not loaded if you have removed the "limoniapps-discountninja-header", but you may still want to remove them to reduce the number of assets in your theme.

To remove the assets search for "limoniapps-discountninja" and remove all assets that contain this word in their name:

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